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A Ferrari F40 car photo shoot in Sydney


A Ferrari F40 car photo shoot

The Ferrari F40 is 1 of about 1,300 vehicles that were built worldwide and worth over $1.5M. I had the privilege of taking photos of this incredible sports car while attending a track day in Sydney.


What is A Ferrari F40?

It’s a mid-engine, rear-wheel drive, two-door coupé sports car built from 1987 to 1992, with the LM and GTE race car versions continuing production until 1994 and 1996 respectively.

The successor to the Ferrari 288 GTO, it was designed to celebrate Ferrari’s 40th anniversary and was the last Ferrari automobile personally approved by Enzo Ferrari. At the time it was Ferrari’s fastest, most powerful, and most expensive car for sale.

The car debuted with a planned production total of 400 and a factory suggested retail price of approximately US$400,000 in 1987 ($840,000 today), although some buyers were reported to have paid as much as US$1.6 million in contrast to its 1999 value of £140,000. A total of 1,311 F40s were manufactured in total.


Where was this car photo shoot done?

These car photos were taken on two separate occasions while their owners were at Sydney Motorsport Park while attending a local track day for prestige sports cars. This was a very casual photo shoot done while they waited for their next driving session.