Photography Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers for any occasion.

Let us help you create a personalised photography gift
voucher suitable for anything you like.


What is a personalised gift voucher?

We can craft anything you like to create a personalised photography gift voucher. By providing a few details we can tailor something that is suitable to you whether that is a car photo shoot, family portrait session or even event photography. At La Lente Photography we are all about capturing life in it’s pure rawness. Let us into your world to create those┬ámemories to take with you wherever you go with our unique candid photography of places, people and events.

What does your Gift Voucher include?

  • An electronic PDF copy with your personalised information included.


  • 10 x high resolution digital photos without watermarks.


  • Individually edited photo images with light retouching and styling.


  • Digital photos are provided via an online photo gallery.


  • All digital photos suitable for prints, enlargements or canvas prints.

What are some photography Gift Voucher ideas
Top selling vouchers
Family portraits - outdoors, 1 hour session
Family portraits - at home, 1 hour session
Newborn baby portraits - at home, 1 hour session
Car photo shoot - outdoors, 1 hour session
Car photo shoot - outdoors, 2 hour session
LinkedIn profile photo shoot
Your own customised photo sessions
How to order a photography Gift Voucher?

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