Kafeville Cafe, Hanoi

Kafeville Cafe, Hanoi

This collection of cafe photos were taken in the Old Quarter of Hanoi at Kafeville. This cafe is tucked away in a quiet street near the old city gate of Hanoi. It’s worth the effort to find it, your reward is a beautiful aroma of fresh beans filling your lungs and a room filled with coffee making equipment, including their roasting machine.

Kafeville’s focus is coffee with their menu filled with everything from a regular espresso, Vietnamese style, drip or cold brew. Being a micro roaster their beans are fresh and rather than pre-programmed machines each cup is hand crafted with precision. It was a joy to watch the care they took to make each cup it added to the experience. It took a few minutes to get an espresso, but you knew it would be worth it (and it was!)

The chilled out atmosphere is practical too with working tables, powerpoints, music and free wifi available for customers. It For photographers, it is a heavenly with its wooden surfaces, big open windows lots of natural light and many interesting  coffee making items.

A look through their reviews says it all, so if you are looking for some of the best places to have coffee in Hanoi, then Kafeville is one of them.

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